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What Is The Dojo?

Welcome to Retro Dojo Productions, a place where entertainment comes first.  Here at the Retro Dojo we love old school cartoons, Anime, toys, and video games.  Whether they’re old classics that you grew up with or hidden treasures that you never had the chance to experience. We are dedicated to enlightening you.

Retro Dojo Productions is a fully functional production company.  Our highly trained staff of professionals take pride in ensuring the best quality of product.  We employ expert writers, directors, camera operators, editors, and graphic designers whose dedication goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Members include:

Psychotaku - Fearless leader of the group. The Psychotaku is dedicated to educating all people about the games that never see the light outside of Japan.

PsykoNeko - The purr-fect complement to the Psychotaku's crazyness with a womanly touch.


Have a question? Need some answers? Just want to send us feedback on what you want to see?

Retro Dojo Productions welcomes any and all comments and queries, so feel free to shoot the Psychotaku a line at:

Or just leave a comment, we will get back to you at the speed of JUSTICE!