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After Effects is a Beast

Right now, I’m editing the newest episode of the Psychotaku. It should be up this coming Wednesday. Editing the Psychotaku has taught me a lot. About shooting, about editing and most importantly about green screen. I was previously keying out green screen with final cut. It did the job but there were a few things that bugged me. Mainly, the green was giving me some trouble. Things would disappear off people and there would be a weird ghost image of the screen. Regardless, I felt there had to be an easier way of doing this. And there was!

The weird thing about After Effects is you can do so much, and sometimes it’s too much. For example, I would be limited in final cut with what I could key out and how much I could do. But with After Effects, there’s too much you can do. Granted the key is superb and I can pen tool anything I want out of the shot (by the way I’m a master of the pen tool if I do say so myself. Thank you Illustrator.) But the problem is that I can spend hours tweaking a shot so that it’s perfect. And I have been in this coming episode.

So hopefully, it will all be worth it. Heck, it already is. It’s giving me experience with After Effects and I don’t think I would have been able to do what I’ve been able to do without it.

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