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The Sega Zone

Every so often, a product comes along that just totally knocks my socks off. And today is that day. May I present to you my friends, The Sega Zone:

WTF. We all know that Sega had a good run with video game consoles. The Dreamcast kicked so much ass! (Except for that controller.) And a few people may argue that the Genesis was better than the Super Nintendo. (And they would be wrong.) But this is just ridiculous. The Sega Zone? It has a frickin’ wiimote! Granted, this is a 3rd party licensing the games and the title, but come on! Really? Have a little imagination already!

There are 50 games including 20 Sega classics and… haah… 16 games support motion control. And it is available in the UK for about $60. A part of me wants to check this thing out. And then another part of me wants to slap the person who thought of this in the face.




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