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Fanime 2010

Retro Dojo is back from Fanime and it was awesome!  It has changed a lot since I last went.  I went to the first Fanime, at Foothill college and it consisted of one theatre and two vendors.  At the time, I was not that impressed.  But this time, there was a huge dealers hall, plenty of panels, and a game hall that rivaled the dealers hall.  The game hall was what impressed me the most about this con.   They had arcade machines, a huge setup for home consoles, another huge setup for PC gaming, stacks and stacks of board games, and it was open 24 hours.  I've been to a lot of cons and usually when the dealers hall closes, the con pretty much dies out.  But with a 24 hour game hall, the party continues all night long!

Thank you everyone, who attended our panel.  It was a huge success!  Those who attended got to see the new episode of the Psychotaku!  I'll be putting up a series of videos covering the con as well as our panel shortly.  Make sure to come down next year!

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Reader Comments (1)

Yeah, Fanime to me has always been that top notch since I've only been going for 4 years now. But I really liked your pannel, only wished it was a bit longer though. And I was kinda shocked how I was the only one (along with my cousin, but she was to shy) who seemed to have watched all your episodes. Oh well, you guys are rockin and I can't wait for you guys to come down next year!

June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRisingZan

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