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Behind The Scenes - 01

Ah the memories. I know it was only about a year ago, but it still feels like forever. I came across these pictures and realized I hadn’t put them up yet. So here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Man, I totally remember this shoot. Just the uncertainty of if this would even work. If what I was trying to do would make sense to those who watched. But at the same time the excitement of the potential this shoot had. This was where it all started, the beginning of not only Freddie but the Psychotaku as well.

We trekked for about an hour, with equipment in each hand. Over hills and valleys just to make it to this secluded stream. Granted the location was perfect, no signs of technology anywhere, but it came with a price. My crew, with only my ramblings of the vision I had, had little knowledge of what I was doing. However they too contained the excitement of the unknown ahead of them.

In the end, everyone witnessed my vision first hand and each shoot became that much easier. I could do more because my crew knew because of this first shoot we could all pull it off. But a little piece inside of me knows that the mystery of the unknown of the fishing location held a little bit of magic that could never be recaptured.

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