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Just because I am the Psychotaku, doesn't mean games are all I think about. Here are the things I find interesting, check it out

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How'd he do that?

Alright so I admit it. I’m a thief. I totally stole this from Geekologie. But in my defense one, it was so freakin’ cool I had to share and number two, they found it on youtube. Why are all the cool videos from Japan? Does it just mean they have waaaaay too much free time? On behalf of my peoples, YES, yes we do. But hey, at least we make cool videos that the rest of the world can enjoy and waste time at work watching, right?

Honestly, if you aren’t checking out Geekologie, you really should be it’s a really cool website that has all of this geek news. Or just news that’s awesome! Wait aren’t they one in the same?



I love Akihabara. The last time I was there was on a business trip. We were actually filming 2 documentaries. One on Robotech and the second was on Power Rangers. I had the pleasure of accompanying Tony Oliver who was both the voice actor for Rick Hunter and Saba the talking tiger saber, not to mention the producer of Power Rangers. Unfortunately I only had 2 hours to spend in Akihabara. Which I used the majority of the time in Cospa. This awesome little Anime goods store. Ever wanted a ring that gave you +3 intelligence? Or how about a cup from the White Base cafeteria? You can get it all and more at the Cospa Store!


Behind The Scenes - 01

Ah the memories. I know it was only about a year ago, but it still feels like forever. I came across these pictures and realized I hadn’t put them up yet. So here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Man, I totally remember this shoot. Just the uncertainty of if this would even work. If what I was trying to do would make sense to those who watched. But at the same time the excitement of the potential this shoot had. This was where it all started, the beginning of not only Freddie but the Psychotaku as well.

We trekked for about an hour, with equipment in each hand. Over hills and valleys just to make it to this secluded stream. Granted the location was perfect, no signs of technology anywhere, but it came with a price. My crew, with only my ramblings of the vision I had, had little knowledge of what I was doing. However they too contained the excitement of the unknown ahead of them.

In the end, everyone witnessed my vision first hand and each shoot became that much easier. I could do more because my crew knew because of this first shoot we could all pull it off. But a little piece inside of me knows that the mystery of the unknown of the fishing location held a little bit of magic that could never be recaptured.

Check out more Behind The Scene photos here!



Game Center CX

As you know, I am a fan of Japanese Import Games. And last year, I took it upon myself to become a reviewer of such media. At the time, I searched around and couldn’t find any other import reviewers. But after I stated production on the Psychotaku, a few started popping up. Including fellow import reviewer Jew Wario. I am a big fan of his reviews, as he isn’t constantly angry. Funny thing, being the Psychotaku and all. Anyway, he brought to my attention one Retro Game Challenge. Being the same kind of gamer as he is, I knew I had to pick this one up. And I wasn’t disappointed. I soon learned that the game was based on the Japanese show, Game Center CX.

Watch Game Center CX - Episode 5, Metroid in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at

This guy is awesome. Basically, the premise is that they got a middle aged man, who isn’t a gamer, to play all of these classic retro games. I also like all of the extra segments where he goes and finds retro arcades and games stores. Super Awesome.

The ironic thing is that if I would have seen Game Center CX first, the Psychotaku may have never even come to be. Well, if not that then the Psychotaku may have been very different. I mean the reason I created the Psychotaku was because there wasn’t any import reviewer out there. Well, there may have been import reviewers out there but there weren’t any good ones. (Remember this was pre-”You Can Play This”.)

I wanted to share all of the cool games that I grew up on. Sure I played Super Mario Bros. 3, the Megaman series, Castlevania and the rest. But there was no representation for the Japanese games. Classics such as Umihara Kawase Shun, Tobal 2, the Parodius series, and every Anime game that never made it to the U.S.