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Iron Man 2

I saw Ironman 2 over the weekend. This movie was supposed to be the end all be all movie of the year for me. The first Ironman movie blew me away as far as expectations go. It had everything. The armor was perfect, the references to the comic book were as close as one can be in a movie, and the changes were acceptable. (The middle east, a new power core, Jarvis being the house computer.) All of my comic book movie dreams had come true in one movie. Had the sequel done the same? Spiderman 2 had. And Spiderman 3/Xmen 3 were disappointments beyond belief. Where does Ironman 2 stand?

Now if you saw that trailer, and I did, you would’ve been totally pumped for the movie, and I was. Ironman 2 was good. It didn’t blow me away like Spiderman 2. It didn’t leave me with a bunch of questions like Xmen 2. And it didn’t leave me dying like Spiderman 3/Xmen 3 did. I think I was just disappointed that there wasn’t more. I know there was a lot. Newcomers Scarlet Johansson, Don Cheadle and Sam Jackson were excellent in their roles, as were the rest of the cast. It was just that the first movie left me with a sense of pride. Pride for the culture of comics and how far all of us had come. To finally get a bit of comic book film perfection. Some of you may say that Ironman wasn’t perfect. There were flaws, but I say if you nitpick, everything will reveal flaws. The first movie gave a sense of wonderment, exploration and growth. We see Tony Stark and his love for fast cars, loose women and his sense of immortality. This world comes crashing down as he is stripped of all of these things along with his freedoms that he has taken for granted. And then we witness his transformation mentally as well as physically as he builds the Mark I prototype armor, makes you believe a man can fly, (I mean no disrespect Christopher Reeve) and saves the world with his sleek awesome Mark III Ironman armor. From the opening shrapnel sequence to the “I am Ironman”, we are treated to a nonstop rollercoaster ride, that I got to enjoy 3 times in the theater.

Now I’m not saying Ironman 2 was bad, quite the opposite. It was really good. It just had huge expectations to overcome. And I think the movie failed in that regard. Yes, the suitcase sequence was badass, but some of the punch was taken away, because we knew what was coming. It’s in the trailer. The final battle was good, I have no problem with it. I was just hoping for something more epic. There was no time where I was like, “Oh man, how are Robert and Don getting out of this one.” No. It’s Ironman and Warmachine. They are going to PWN some fools. And they did. Which was cool. I just thought “The Dude” in “The Iron Monger” was a little more intimidating. And I enjoyed Sam Jackson, knocking Tony Stark down a peg or two.

I’m planning on getting Ironman 2 when it comes out on BlueRay so obviously I liked the movie a lot. It’s just that I NEEDED Ironman on BlueRay when I left the theater two years ago. And I guess that’s the deciding factor between a really good movie and a great movie… isn’t that right Mr. Fox?