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Pyschotaku Shoot Episode 9

Yesterday we had the video shoot for the 9th episode for the Psychotaku. It was pretty amazing. Just to give a teaser, I didn’t shave for 3 weeks to prepare myself for the character portrayed yesterday. I was still the Psychotaku, but took it on myself to give the character a slight twist.

During the Professor Freddie and the Cosmos shoot, I was getting pretty down. Mainly because as Freddie would change and create an exciting new character each episode, I realized the Psychotaku was basically the same each time. I was worried the character may get stale and boring. It was at that shoot I decided to tweak the character for yesterday’s shoot.

Inspiration comes at strange times. Usually when I have no way of writing the idea down. In the shower, driving, on the toilet or even at work while doing some menial task. And then it just makes the task even more weird. Driving while repeating the idea out loud, over and over again until getting the chance to stop and frantically scrounging for a pen and paper to write it down. Thus is life.

But it’s better to write ideas down. Who knows you may find it years later when you actually have the time and means to actually do it. That and you save yourself the aggravating time wasted thinking about, “What was that idea I came up with? I remember it was awesome! Dammit!” Because sometimes it wasn’t so awesome.

So I’m glad I wrote down the idea for the Psychotaku so that I can share it with all of you guys!


Behind The Scenes

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a Psychotaku shoot? Well, I’m here to show you the shenanigans that happen when the cameras aren’t rolling. Please forgive the unprofessionalism, but be sure to sample the fun while you’re scrolling through the pictures. Enjoy!

Me, Matt, and Roy (TheAfrotaku) sitting in the cornerSee more Behind The Scenes here! 


Psychotaku gets Interviewed!

Hey guys! So just wanted to let you guys know that I got interviewed the other day. It’s so awesome! Check it out:

The Yamagato Industries Business Report are the official Comic/Anime Podcast of the Game Heroes. These guys are awesome. I got to talk to all three of them, Link, Beezlo and Mongo and they’re stand up guys. The interview was so much fun and they even let me cohost the episode. I’m always up talking about Comics and Anime and these guys know their stuff. So take a listen and let me know how I did.



The New RetroDojo

Yeah, a shock, I know. Tis our new site and layout courtesy of me - The Afrotaku!

Missed the old episodes, want to get right in to your favorite denizen (Psycho, Neko, Afro, S.Trainger) and see what they are up to without going through information you may have already read? This layout is designed with our viewers in mind... plus you can see who is posting what. What are you waiting for... check us out!