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Psychotaku Commentates on The Speed Gamers

This past weekend the Speed Gamers held another stupendous marathon. They played all of the Metroid games. And just by chance, the Psychotaku was there to help. Unfortunately, a miscommunication made it so I wasn’t on the schedule, so it just made it that more Psychotaku!

Thanks again to all my fans on the Speed Gamers. You guys made it a blast. I had so much fun talking to everyone, getting to know you more as you got to know me more, and showing you guys stuff from the set. And my apologies go out to all of my fans who missed me, I assure you that next time I’ll make sure I’m blocked out so you can schedule ahead of time, if you want to see me.


And a special thanks to Sub-Laguz, for taking screen shots so the rest of the world can taste a sample of what it was like on that magical day. You can check them out below.




King Of Fighters Live Action Trailer

Um… uh… yeah… it’s… just watch the damn trailer…

Okay, so what was that pile of garbage? Terry doesn’t even have his stinking hat! What is this Garou Mark of the Wolves Terry? No because he still has a red vest and no long hair so what the f*ck! And I thought “Balls of Fury” was the low point in Maggie Q’s career. What are you doing Ray Park? I guess actors gotta eat too…

Alright so obviously you can tell that I’m going to hate on this movie without even seeing it. So let’s take a look at what looks good. Okay… hmm… ah… huh… oh! Mature and Vice look good! And… hmmm… yeah, this movie’s gonna suck. It’s bad when you look worse than the live action Tekken movie. Ugh, and you know I gotta watch both, because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Terry doesn’t even have his stinkin’ hat!!!