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Jump Super Stars and Kinnikuman DVDs!

This past Friday I was down at Book Off. Book Off is a used Japanese Book Store chain. It’s huge in Japan and they have a few stores in the Los Angeles Area. It’s pretty cool because not only do they have used manga in both Japanese and English, but they also have toys and import and domestic video games, cds and dvds. It’s a haven for otakus everywhere.

I was perusing through the aisles of manga, looking for nothing in particular, when my girlfriend popped in front of me holding the DS import game “Jump Super Stars”. Now growing up all my life reading “Jump” in Japanese I grew up with every character in the compilation comic. Even those titles which didn’t care for, “Slam Dunk”, “Prince of Tennis”, “Hikaru no Go”, being the good old school otaku that I am I have adequate knowledge on each of the series. (But being a bad otaku, I didn’t own the game.) And with a $19 price tag I instantly snatched it up.

Why didn’t I own this game? The funny thing is, is that there is a chain of electronic stores in my area called “Fry’s Electronics.” that had the game. And this store was not an import game store. Randomly they would have Japanese games. But like the online import game stores “Jump Super Stars” had a hefty price of $50 and I’m not paying that much for a portable game. The irony being, in my younger days I purchased the import “Turbo Express”, also known as the “PC Engine GT” for around $500. Hey! I was young and stupid.

I am aware that “Jump Ultimate Stars” exists. And I kept thinking that on the ride home. Why should I buy this game when I know the sequel is out there. I only assume that the game is better and I know the roster is so much more huge. But I did get the game for $19 and I would have been a fool to pass up that price. So I popped the game in and to my surprise I was hooked instantly. I don’t know about you but playing all my favorite characters from the “Jump” lineup, is a dream come true. Not only that, I drew more joy from the way you unlocked said characters. Basically you have a panel from the manga with the character missing. So you must use your manga knowledge and match the character to the quote, brilliant! But based on the box art one character seems to be missing. My favorite character from my favorite manga/anime, Kinnikuman. Which is a nice segue into the second find at Book Off!

Kinnikuman DVDs. Alright, so if you’re unaware, Kinnikuman has not come to the states. Well, not in classic Anime form anyways. (You all know about M.U.S.C.L.E. men and Ultimate Muscle.) So a year back when I saw these on the Book Off shelves I snatched them up… only to see a fat $75 price tag on the box. I may be a huge Kinnikuman fan, but I’m a huge “broke” Kinnikuman fan. Now in Japan the going price for one of these DVDs is $100. It’s super pricey. However there are 10 episodes on 2 DVDs in the package so that makes it about $10 per episode. (Funny thing that US DVD prices aren’t that far away, $30 for 4 episodes. Bleh!) On my last trip to Japan, I picked up a few used copies for $60 each. (I was on vacation and Kinnikuman is my favorite series so… don’t judge me!) So even though the price was fair (import tax and all) there was no way I was picking up these DVDs. Until Friday.

The Kinnikuman DVDs were marked down to $30 a piece! Holy Bazinga-man! That’s $3 per episode of my favorite series that has no chance of seeing American shores ever! So what’s a good otaku supposed to do? I wasn’t planning on spending $79 today ($19 Jump Super Stars + $60 for 2 Kinnikuman DVDs) but that is a deal too good to pass up!

Have any good stories about Otaku Deals? Please share.


Game Center CX

As you know, I am a fan of Japanese Import Games. And last year, I took it upon myself to become a reviewer of such media. At the time, I searched around and couldn’t find any other import reviewers. But after I stated production on the Psychotaku, a few started popping up. Including fellow import reviewer Jew Wario. I am a big fan of his reviews, as he isn’t constantly angry. Funny thing, being the Psychotaku and all. Anyway, he brought to my attention one Retro Game Challenge. Being the same kind of gamer as he is, I knew I had to pick this one up. And I wasn’t disappointed. I soon learned that the game was based on the Japanese show, Game Center CX.

Watch Game Center CX - Episode 5, Metroid in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at

This guy is awesome. Basically, the premise is that they got a middle aged man, who isn’t a gamer, to play all of these classic retro games. I also like all of the extra segments where he goes and finds retro arcades and games stores. Super Awesome.

The ironic thing is that if I would have seen Game Center CX first, the Psychotaku may have never even come to be. Well, if not that then the Psychotaku may have been very different. I mean the reason I created the Psychotaku was because there wasn’t any import reviewer out there. Well, there may have been import reviewers out there but there weren’t any good ones. (Remember this was pre-”You Can Play This”.)

I wanted to share all of the cool games that I grew up on. Sure I played Super Mario Bros. 3, the Megaman series, Castlevania and the rest. But there was no representation for the Japanese games. Classics such as Umihara Kawase Shun, Tobal 2, the Parodius series, and every Anime game that never made it to the U.S.


King Of Fighters Live Action Trailer

Um… uh… yeah… it’s… just watch the damn trailer…

Okay, so what was that pile of garbage? Terry doesn’t even have his stinking hat! What is this Garou Mark of the Wolves Terry? No because he still has a red vest and no long hair so what the f*ck! And I thought “Balls of Fury” was the low point in Maggie Q’s career. What are you doing Ray Park? I guess actors gotta eat too…

Alright so obviously you can tell that I’m going to hate on this movie without even seeing it. So let’s take a look at what looks good. Okay… hmm… ah… huh… oh! Mature and Vice look good! And… hmmm… yeah, this movie’s gonna suck. It’s bad when you look worse than the live action Tekken movie. Ugh, and you know I gotta watch both, because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Terry doesn’t even have his stinkin’ hat!!!