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Roller Derby

Yesterday I attended a Roller Derby show and I have to say it wasn’t too bad. It was no “Whip It” though:

A few differences were the fact Roller Derby isn’t quite as full contact as the movie portrayed it to be. But there were still collisions and accidents, so it was still exciting. Also the Track wasn’t inclined. In the movie, there was a wooden inclined track with a wall. And during the show they basically took a roller hockey rink and performed on that. I was told the wooden tracks are illegal.

Funny thing though a few years back, I performed in a Pro Wrestling show that was combined with Roller Derby. We would wrestle between periods of the Roller Derby match. At that time they skated in a wooden inclined track. I can’t remember if it was as full contact as “Whip It”, but I would imagine it wasn’t.

In the end the show was fun and the audience wasn’t quite as scary as a Wrestling audience. Though there were more lesbians. Which is cool.