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Psykoneko - Episode 1 - MOE

Here is something a little different! We hope you like it!

The Psykoneko hijacks the Psychotaku show! And gives you her take on the definition of MOE.

For now, these episodes will be put on the front page, however, later these will probably move to the Psykoneko's section.

Psychotaku - Episode 10 - Kinnikuman

Those of you that haven't been to a Psychotaku panel will now be able to enjoy our panel exclusive 10th episode as the Psycho...I mean the Machotaku reviews his favorite wrestling Anime, Kinnikuman! Even if you have already seen it, it is now streamlined for your further enjoyment!!! ENJOY!!


Harry Potter on Saturday

So one of the many perks of being employed by Warner Bros. is the free screenings of their movies.  Now we don't get free screenings for all of their movies, but every once in a while we get to see something super amazing fantastic.

Saturday is one of those days.  I will have the good fortune to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" before it comes out next Friday. 

I'm super excited.  Harry Potter is a series that sort of grew on me.  I'm not "hardcore", well at least I don't think I am because I haven't read any of the books.  Yes, yes I'm a heathen.  But I do enjoy the movies.  Actually, I liked "Sorcerer's Stone", hated "Chamber of Secrets", got back on board with "Prisoner of Askaban", enjoyed "Goblet of Fire", was thoroughly confused by "Order of the Phoenix", and just disliked "Half Blood Prince."

Hmm, by that description I should be 50/50 with the series.  But I keep coming back for more.  I guess it's because I really enjoy fantasy.  And since "Lord of the Rings" this is really my only fix. 

Normally I hate it when one story is split up into two movies, "Kill Bill", "Matrix 2 &3" but based on the fact I was lost for a good chunk of the last two Harry Potters (my friends filling in the blanks that were in the books) I think it's a good move on the studio's part (or whoever made this decision.)

I also was elated when I found out that "Deathly Hallows Part 1" wasn't going to be in 3D.  I really hate 3D, even when it's good.  I don't think it adds anything to the movie, ANY movie.  It's really gimmicky.  People think it's the next big leap.  Look people we've had 3D since "Captain EO" (in my opinion the best 3D movie) and it really hasn't improved.  We still need glasses (that I have to put over my regular glasses, the main reason why I dislike 3D).  And it's really not as impressive as sound, color or CG, the previous three leaps forward in movie making.

And don't worry, we'll have a full review after we check out the movie.  I think I'll have the Psykoneko take a stab at this one (mainly because she's read all of the books). 


Mata Kotatsuuuuuu!

Here is a video of our new kitten, Kotatsu.  Hope you like it!


You Can Play This...Crossover with JewWario

Well, we went to Colorado Springs and had a blast with our friend JewWario two weeks ago...and time for everyone to see the fruits of our labor! Psychotaku's friend Yanki J joined in on the fun, too! Enjoy!! Special thanks to JewWario for being such a great friend!