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AX 2010 - Breaking into Animation Panel - part 2

Hey guys.  Here's the second half of the "Breaking into Animation Panel", Fan Q & A!  Enjoy.



AX 2010 - Breaking into Animation Panel

My buddy Will Feng held a "breaking into Animation" Panel at AX.  For those of you who are looking into breaking into the biz, this is very helpful.



Part 2 will be up shortly.


AX 2010

Wow what a weekend!  Everytime I think I'm over Anime Expo, they throw me a curveball and crank up the awesomeness!  Everyone at Retro Dojo had a blast and it was mostly because of you guys.  Our panel was awesome and it was really cool to meet all of you.

For those who couldn't make it, the Psykoneko, myself (the Psychotaku) and Freddie made it out.  Freddie was a bit apprehensive at first but changed his mind as he realized how great our fans were.  I found it hilarious how he changed the panel from a PG-13 to an R rating.

Those of you who missed it don't worry.  I'll have video from the event up shortly.  Thanks again to everyone who could make it!


Fanime 2010 video coverage!

We went to Fanime and here's the video proof!!  Thanks to everyone who came to our panel, it was a lot of fun!  You can bet we'll be back next year!