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New Content Coming Soon

This time, we mean it!! We are working on two new episodes of the Psykoneko as we type!!  One of the episodes will premiere at Fanime and Anime Expo before it goes live on blip/TGWTG!  The second should be coming out this month!!  Please continue to check us out! Trust me, we are working on new stuff all of the time!

Lots of love and hugs!!

--Psykoneko NYU!! =^..^=


Fanime 2010 video coverage!

We went to Fanime and here's the video proof!!  Thanks to everyone who came to our panel, it was a lot of fun!  You can bet we'll be back next year!


Special Announcement

For those of you paying attention, I’m going to have to put the Psychotaku on hold. But don’t worry, we’ll be back in no time.

And if you’re in the Northern California area, make sure to check out Fanime, because the Psychotaku will have a panel. And not mentioned in the Vlog, we will be debuting a never before seen episode of the Psychotaku!