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Keiongaku bu (K-On!) First Impressions

I just started a new anime series.  K-On!  The story of a light music club in a Japanese high school (Keiongaku bu shortened to keionbu or K-On).  The art style is very Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (which I LOVE) and the girls in the club are very typical anime moe girls.  One sort of shy goth chick who plays bass, the outgoing tsundere-type that plays drums, the wealthy girl who plays the keyboard, and the clutzy Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon) type who starts off playing nothing (except castanets) and eventually learns to play the guitar.

The Girls of K-On!


The show, so far, has started out with a lingering light musaic club that is on the verge of being abolished since all of the former members have graduated.  Ritsu, the outgoing tsundere girl, decides she wants to join the club, but has to get four members in order to keep the club around.  She first recruits her best friend Mio (the goth type) who unwillingly joins the group but is pulled in by the craziness that is Ritsu (a la Mikuru in Haruhi).  Then Tsumugi (the wealthy girl) joins even though she originally wanted to join the choir. 

The story really bases itself around the final character, clutzy Yui, who has never been in any club before and she sees the poster for the club and wants to join even though she can't play an instrument. 

The story so far has Yui trying to quit the club and being bribed (through sweets brought by Tsumugi) to join them as a guitarist.  The first arc involves the trials and tribulations of getting a guitar and is really well written.  The voice-acting (in the Japanese version) was excellent. 

Additionally, Bandai announced at Anime Expo this year that they have the rights to the DVD and BluRay releases so it looks like we will be getting another Bang Zoom Entertainment dub pretty soon (Ugh).

I really enjoyed the Japanese version so far and I will let everyone know when I have finished the series!

One thing I really need to point out is that the ending song is absolutely FANTASTIC!! I can't get enough of it!  And the ending credits are very visual kei and are perfectly synced with the words of the song which makes it that much more enjoyable!!  I can't wait until I start hearing the girls perform in the show!!

Also, I just found out that they have released a second season in Japan (K-On!! with two exclamation points) so I will definitely have to check that out when I get a chance!

I recommend this show to anyone who loves high school girl comedies!  Enjoy!

    Cutest Ending Credits EVER!

Reader Comments (2)

Huh...I was pretty curious on the hype of these series and this was very informative. :)

At first with series like Haruhi and Lucky Star,I didn't get into the either of them until later and after I did, I liked them. So I'll be giving this show a shot later on. Thanks again for giving me some insight on this series.


February 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterZombieZach

Glad to be of help! I hope you like it! :D

February 17, 2011 | Registered CommenterPsykoneko

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