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Here you can find all of the Anime Basics videos and the Psykoneko's thoughts and insights on anime, manga, and movies!  Enjoy!

--Psykoneko NYU! =^..^=


Yay for the Three Lions and the Stars and Stripes!!

Unless you happen to live under a rock, you already know that England AND the US are going on to the next round at the World Cup!!  YAY!!!  I was up early for swimming (yes, I swim) and so I only caught the last hour or so of the England game.  Meaning, I missed our goal :(  So sad.

I am a huge England supporter, but when it comes to Landon Donovan of the US team, it gets a little personal.  My brother used to play club footie (soccer to you yanks!) with Landon when we were younger (between 10 and 15, or so, it has been a long time so I can't remember the exact dates) for about 5 years.  While they would play at tournaments and stuff, Landon's twin sister (Tristan) and I would read books together and play.  I hated getting dragged to those games and it seems like so long ago when I sang karaoke down in San Diego with them all at a hotel during one of their stay-over tournaments.  *sigh*  Who knew that eventually he would make it this far...and I wonder if my brother could have made it if he had kept his grades up and stayed in club soccer.  Oh well.

Anyway, I am super happy that it was Landon that scored since any other person would have just made me angry that the US got through too....I guess it is a question of loyalty and pride when it comes down to it.

Sorry if you don't like it, but it is all about ENGLAND!!!



The Awesomer-Team...Trust me.

That's right, there is a team that is more awesome than the A-Team.  How can that be, you ask?  Well, if you were at E3 this week, you would have seen the Psychotaku and JewWario hanging out....and if you ask me, they are the AWESOME-EST team.

JewWario stayed at our place for his last night in LA.  It was cool since we got to take him to all of the hottest Japanese places in our area (there are quite a few).  So they hit Little Tokyo after the con and, of course, they took him to Anime Jungle.  I actually met up with them at Jungle since I had work.  I think we spent several hours there perusing the shelves.  It was fun, I didn't know what to expect from him in real life since the Psychotaku is so different from Mark (well, except for the yelling).  I think that JewWario is just about the awesome-est, funniest, most considerate guy I have ever met (except for Mark, of course). 

Yeah, so we were up chatting about the shows, video games, the future of anime (you know, the basics) until about 3am.  It was pretty awesome.  So yeah, needless to say, the Psychotaku and JewWario make an excellent combination.  I can't wait until September when we have a wedding to go to in Denver so we can chat with JewWario in person again!!!  Thanks for everything, J-Dub!! You are more than welcome to hang out at our place ANY time!!

Also, check out the cutest Thank-You gift ever (Thanks so much, JewWario!!) and the cutest soccer hooligan merchandise ever (Thanks, Mark!!).

L, thanks to J-Dub. Mario, thanks to Psychotaku


The Awesome-Team

So last night, the Psychotaku and I went to see the new A-Team Movie.  In my opinion, this movie was SUPER epic!!  I mean, during the movie, we had another 5.7 earthquake out here (well, a little south of the border, but we DEFINITELY felt it), which made the movie even MORE epic!

Before going in to see this, I was sincerely doubting that Quentin "Rampage" Jackson had the guts to be as awesome as Mr. T.  After this, I am praising his acting abilities.  I mean, it can't be TOO hard to be a bad ass considering his background, but he did an AWESOME job, fool!

Each character was perfectly cast, whoever cast Copley as Murdoch is a genius.  He was perfectly crazy and likable just like in the actual show.  Also, Liam Neeson had Hannibal DOWN and Bradley Cooper was extremely convincing as Face.

All in all, I think this may have been better than Iron Man 2.  The action scenes were extremely intricate (the boat scene at the end, especially).  And, I never would have thought that ANYONE could fly a tank.  I also love how they don't really explain how the A-Team survives that tank+lake combination, we just know they are bad-ass enough to survive it and so we believe it.

If you haven't seen this yet, GO SEE IT.  And don't forget to stay after the credits.  Our entire theater emptied out and missed out on a last homage to the original A-Team.  All I know is that they had better make an A-Team 2 so that we can see tham helping out civilians soon!!


Camping fun!

So this weekend, we went camping to the north of Kernville in Sequoia.  It was a great time!  We went hiking around 2,000 year old sequoias...hugged some trees...cooked some chili and fajitas...made some s'mores... got some bug bites...and generally had a great time!  It was my best friend's birthday today so it was a trip for her.  We have known each other since 7th grade (I think it has been 20 years now...don't add up the years, it is just depressing) so I know pretty much everything about her.  She is one of the awesome-est chicks I know.  She was the one person I was always competing with in high school and she even inspired me to become a geologist! 

I was majoring in Anthropology at the time and I was having a good time.  In high school, we both belonged to a class called the Natural Environmental of Southern California (NESC).  It combined biology and geology into a class that taught us everything about our wonderful, diverse state.  So when we started college, she went into Geology at UC Riverside and I went into Anthropology at Cal State San Bernardino wanting to become a forensic anthropologist (this was pre-CSI, by the way).  So I took all the anthro classes I was supposed to take and then reallized that with a Bachelor's degree, I really couldn't get a job doing what I wanted to do unless I kept going and got my PhD.  By that time, I was hearing all of these great stories about these awesome geology camping trips from my BFF and I was getting super jealous.  Then, I realized that what I really wanted to do was be active, be outside, and have a great time doing something that I love.  Since I only had one class left for my BA in anthro, I decided to finish the degree and start on a second Geology.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I ended up studying mines in Tasmania (Australia) for three weeks AND I spent 10 days in the Caribbean in Dominica drawing maps of the geology (before they filmed the Pirates of the Caribbean there).

All in all, I have her to thank for my experiences and for my awesome job.

Happy Birthday chica, I love you!  You inspire me!! And, as always....YOU ROCK!!



Electric Poultry?

First of all, the Fanime panel went fantastically, despite a room change at the last minute.  Thanks to everyone for that!! 

So now for the nitty gritty...

Monday Night RAW.  That's right, wrestling.  I am watching RAW right now and half of the A-Team is the guest host.  I was just listening to John Cena pander to the WWE Universe audience.  I really want to hate him since he is the "good guy", the most popular wrestler.  I always hate the popular guy (except for when it was The Rock). 

Oh my distracted by the best USA Network advert ever.  Sam from Burn Notice (played, of course, by Bruce favorite actor) flirting with Divya from Royal Pains.  I love him SO much!

Ok, so back to the point at hand.  I really want to hate him, but for some reason, I just can't.  He is so likable!  I hate that!!!  My favorite wrestlers at the moment are Randy Orton and Santino Marella.  Randy Orton because he is just crazy and awesome (and pretty good looking).  Santino because he reminds me of the Psychotaku's wrestling persona, Hop Sing Lee.  Santino is the most charismatic wrestler, in my opinion.  He just puts himself out there and makes me laugh.  I admire his personality and that is why he reminds me of Hop Sing Lee.