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The Underground Tournament League

I was lucky enough to be hooked up with Angry Bananas, to take part in the Underground Tournament League. The UGTL is an event where they hold video game tournaments. Yesterday’s tournament, Street Fighter 4. Awesome! They also had prerelease copies of “Super Street Fighter 4″ which were available to play. Double Awesome.

The Retro Dojo crew were down in Los Angeles to cover the event. Photos as well as video coverage of the event will be posted shortly. There were so many cool people there. We talked to several vendors including Meat Bun, a video game themed Tshirt company. The guys at Angry Bananas were so cool they hooked me up with Meat Bun to get this awesome Tshirt.


We also got to talk to the people at Pixel Drip. They were holding an art show of Street Fighter themed artwork. And I have to say, the artwork was really impressive.

To top it all off, there were $3 beers and $1 tacos and quesadillas. WHAT??? Yes, that’s right, $3 beer and $1 taco/quesadillas. Very tasty

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